Thursday, December 18, 2008

WebSphere Asynchronous Request Dispatcher

Please check out my blog on the Asynchronous Request Dispatcher introduced in Version 7.
Part 1, Part 2


Omri said...

I was wondering if there is an example to how to configure and use the ARD, I can only find pieces in infocenter, specifically how does such a servlet look like. sample application somewhere?

Maxim Moldenhauer said...

I was planning on doing an DeveloperWorks article, but they haven't gotten around to getting it in yet. I can try to send it to you.

Omri said...

Thanks Maxim, I can wait for the developerWorks article.

Sara Reid said...

Concurrent dispatching can improve servlet response time. If operations are dependant on each other, do not enable asynchronous request dispatching, therefore, select Disabled. Concurrent dispatching might result in errors when operations are dependant. Select Server side to enable the server to aggregate requests dispatched concurrently. Select Client side to enable the client to aggregate requests dispatched concurrently.

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Maxim Moldenhauer said...

I had difficulty going through the developerWorks route so just check out new blog post.